• Can be lodged independently or with State Sponsorship
  • Can be awarded after studying in Australia for 2 Years
  • IELTS needed
  • May have to Live and Work in Regional Area for 2 Years
  • Can apply for Permanent Visa after two years

This visa is normally for people who cannot apply for a Permanent Residence. The main difference is that this is a Temporary Visa Only.

There are many kind of Temporary Residence Visa. Primary one is a State Sponsored Provisional Visa. successful applicant is required to Live in that state for Two Years and Work in that state for one year. After that the applicant may apply for a Permanent Residence.

All other conditions like IELTS, Skill Assessment, Work Experience, Age etc apply. 100 Points (effectively 90) are needed for state sponsorship. Also, the applicants occupation should be on state sponsorship list.


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